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low cost website designing
low cost website designing
low cost website designing

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Thousands of Business go Online every day, while you wait you lose more Clients / Customers every minute

    startup business website designing

    Low Cost Website

    ₹ 1,600 / ₹ 2,500 / ₹ 3,400

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    E-commerce Website

    ₹ 2,500 / ₹ 7,000 / ₹ 11,000

    customized business website designing

    Customized Website

    ₹ 5,000 / ₹ 10,000 & Up

    google ranking seo

    Google Ranking

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    facebook marketing

    Facebook Marketing

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    latest bulk whatsapp sender pro software

    Whatsapp Marketing

    ₹ 100 / ₹ 500 / ₹ 2,500

    Is your Website SEO Ready ?

    Check before your plan for Google Ads / SEO / Facebook

        Looking for ways to get more Clients / Customers ?

        Well you are not the first one to think over this and you will not be the last one either

        It’s clear as day to all those who run a business ” you can only get clients / customers if your target audience knows you exist “, one just cannot hope for people to find his / her business just for the reason their business exists. For these businesses spend quite a lot of money to create a brand value which ensures a continuous flow of business, but running a business and making a brand are two different conditions. Most startups / ventures in India are run by one of few people which not only limits the number of earning / working hands but also limits the amount of profit generated which in turn limits the overall marketing expense to generate further clients / customers and if things go way beyond expectations some businesses fail to manage their working capital and fail to continue further.

        But who can blame these startups / local business towards the amount spent towards marketing as in today’s digital world a world of advertising opportunity awaits and before one finds the correct / prospective / suitable marketing method for their company they might have exhausted their funds. Thus, to sum it all up – a proper marketing strategy must be tailor-made to suit the needs for each business keeping in mind its target audience, locations the business can provide its service along with their manpower and other work timings.

        We here in lowcostwebsitedesigning.com provide marketing services which are business & location specific by which the maximum number of enquiries / leads can be generated over a calculated promotional expense. It’s no surprise that we love the diligent marketing / promotional services Google provides, thus overall parameters we advise google be it via Google AdWords or Google Organic Listing / Search Engine Optimization popularly known as SEO, but as per current marketing trends Social Media Marketing is of a recent buzz as well and for most businesses Facebook is turning up more Quality Leads when compared with the amount spent on Google.

        To cut things short one can market his / her business two ways – the long term process or the short term process. For the long term, we focus more on keywords research, content development and brand awareness which over a while gets acknowledged by search engines like Google / Bing / Yahoo etc. and when relevant searches are made your business comes in front of those who are looking for services / products you deal with. On the other hand, Social Media takes the crown when it comes to viral short term marketing on which you let your business information scatter towards your target audience which in turn gets viewed by them and if they require the services / products you deal in they connect with you. Two other players also deserve their mentions – Whatsapp & SMS Marketing. Though you may feel SMS is outdated there is a huge section of the market which still uses SMS as a method to connect with the mass but as mentioned less and fewer people each day are willing to check their incoming SMS and only ever open when an OTP arrives. But that does not mean people don’t communicate by messaging, it’s just what previously was sent via SMS is currently being sent via Whatsapp and as more and more people are accessing smartphones access to Social Media & Whatsapp are becoming predominant.

        What we Advise

        We  aim to uplift Business facing the current economic crisis and guides them towards a possible future which keeps their establishment secure for the long run.

        It’s fundamental for any Business to have an Online presence which gets established via a Business Website after which the prolonged process to populate the Website with Quality Content beings which in turn gets ready to be presented to potential Clients / Customers via Online & Offline Marketing.

        Thus, we recommend to initially start with a Website if the Business does not have one yet, after which one can choose to market as per his / her budget to generate leads. We request you to get in touch via call / whatsapp / message so that we can understand your Business needs and provide the best possible solution.

        Remember, it is better to start fishing on a small pond before venturing on the seas.

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